Dec. 17 – Thurs.

As Todd Rundgren would say “today’s the day.”  I’m going to Discount Solar to get the new inverter installed which has been giving me fits for weeks now.

My batteries would never hold a charge and when I drove from Tennessee to Mississippi in one day, the battery never fully charged. After countless attempts to charge the battery it would fall way below 20%.

In the camping world, batteries are your life’s blood. So, it was pretty important that I get this taken care of ASAP.

Enter Discount Solar! I drove over last week and told them my issues and they saw that the inverter was not charging and solar nor the generator was charging the batteries. ARGH! So I had to get an inverter fast.

Xantrex cane thru for me. They overnighted an inverter charger to Discount Solar and they got me in today!!

Truly happy trails! Thank you Xantrex and Discount Solar.

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