It is with a heavy heart I write this about my brother-in-law, Mike who just lost his wife, my sister Lynne, 3 months ago To pancreatic cancer. Mike Benninghoff had contracted Covid and subsequently led to pneumonia. He was admitted into the hospital, put on a respirator and succumbed to it last night Christmas Eve, with his two girls by his side.

This is such a sad time to lose both parents within 3 months. I have experienced this very feeling in 2016 when I lost my mother and father, their grandparents, within 10 weeks of each other.

Sometimes the heart just does not want to let go.

Mike’s spirit

This dragonfly has followed me around all day.

Another one quickly followed next to it. I feel it is Lynne and Mike united once again.

Stay safe, stay close and appreciate every day.

Pray for Nashville.

Happy trails.


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