Dec. 27 – Sunday

You’ve heard that old adage about no good turn goes on punished, well this was living proof that sometimes doing a favor for someone bites you in the butt.

We had a big rig from Texas rollin towing a pickup truck and and a TV in the back of the truck.

Out jumped 3 little dogs all running around not on leashes.

5:30 Coyote Came just like clockwork. I notice the Coyote was walking towards their truck. The guy was between the truck and the rig and didn’t see it and I called over to him after filming the Coyote that Hey you might want to put your little dogs in the rig because there’s a Coyote in front of your truck.

He swings around and says that’s no problem I’ll just shoot him with my gun. Out of shear shock I said No!

As I turned to walk away, I did notice that he had gotten in his bay doot under the rig and pulled out a giant rifle with a scope! Now mind you we are in public land where hunting is not allowed in a populated area. This is BLM land in campers are within 200′ of him.

He hops in his ATV with the gun and starts to hunt this poor female Coyote.

We were also upset we just sat in disbelief at what a jerk he was.

After circling around a few times in his ATV, He calmy rolled over to our camp and said “Whoever it was that told me about the Coyote, thank you.” I said “I just told you because I saw your dogs were out I didn’t want you to shoot it.”

Marlene jumps up and says your not allowed to shoot anything in a campground and you probably should fire a gun. He responded with I got permission from the BLM to fire my gun. It clearly says in the rules that no discharge of a firearm should ever be in a populated area. And this guy was definitely hunting out coyote!

So he said he had every right to shoot that Coyote and Marlene told him she has a right to be safe not get hit by his stray bullet.

He argued for quite awhile and then sped off. What a jerk. If you see this guy look out. He is gunning for anything that moves.

Trigger happy Texan

We felt so intimidated, that we packed up our camp and left to travel about 2 miles down the road.

That kind of excitement we can do without.

Found a better spot anyway.

Happy trails.

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