Dec. 31 – New Year’s Eve

Always a bittersweet day for me. My dear sweet 94 yo Dad died today in 2016. Can’t believe its been 4 years.

Day after Molly’s birthday too. I had my car all ready for her on her 17th birthday and her brother wrecked it and totalled it on her birthday 20 years ago and it still stings.

Even the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve sucked! Not one good act! Pitbill really? Thats the only inspiring act you could up with ABC? Sad.

Have you listened to his lyrics? He’s a woman basher. Oh well. Better luck next year.

Had a campfire finally. It has been so windy, you could not have one.

Final fire of 2020

Good riddens 2020.

Happy New Year and happy trails.

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