Jan. 1 – Happy New Year

Hopefully, this year will be way better than last year. Yes, the pandemic is still real, people still refusing to wear mask, people still driving like maniacs and texting, but maybe we’ve all learned a lesson through this past year.

Arizona just passed a bill that you will be fined if they even see a phone in your hand while driving.

It is a hands-free texting state now which is wonderful. You are allowed to pick up your phone at a stoplight but must be returned and set down by the time traffic starts up again. Great law to save many lives.

Driving to Parker Arizona the other day I had 3 nearly head on cars in my lane coming towards me because they were trying to pass motorhomes and big rigs on a 2 lane highway. At 95 is notorious for head-on crashes because people think they can just glance up and pull out and try to pass even though there are passing lanes sporadically on that road.

Add texting to that and you have a nightmare driving situation.

Thank goodness for that lawmakers in Arizona for understanding the importance of no texting while driving. Take avantage of your Bluetooth technology and talk into your radio/steering wheel instead of holding your phone.

These are some of the things you encounter on route 95. Please slow down.

Happy trails.

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