Jan. 15 – TGIF

Started a Paperless Workshop online. Pretty good. She says we need Clarity to enjoy Freedom to do what we want to do.

It’s all about scanning and organizing your day to day piles of crap like mail, appointments and documents. Makes sense.

I’m gonna start on my photo albums when I get back to cold Ohio. I need more time to sew so I’m gonna scan all my patterns in and throw out boxes of paper patterns. I purged once when I moved and a lot had sentimental value. Now, not so much if I can scan it in and keep them digitally!

Now on to the 3 bookshelves of CDs I have! Transferring them on to a hard drive i can take on the road will be awesome. Then Half Price Books here I come! They buy your old DVDs and CDs. Yippee!

I have a lot of hardbound books that u can buy a digital copy of and that is the way of the future. 📚

Meanwhile I’ll watch the hummingbirds and sew in the Glam Clam.

Hummingbirds on window feeder
Glam Clam set up for sewing

Happy trails and enjoy your weekend!

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