Jan. 29 – Friday.

Still howling at the wolf moon. We have all kinds of people at this camp (tribe). So creative and talented.

Met Pat who is a flat earther.

Flat earther Pat’s rig

Stan (Sasnak) who is a career truck driver from Dallas who has a YouTube channel because he is the Charles Kuralt of the road. Tells interesting stories.

Stan, Amber and Rachel’s moon

Mark who is a remote control trick plane pilot. Has all kinds of toys.

Mark the pilot

Met Donnie who is a retired Air Force vet and all around Mr. FixIt.

His wife Rachel was a Set Designer and us a very talented artist. She made me this cool rock.

Rachel – artist

Gunner photographs a family of grizzly bears in Grand Teton NF and is going back as a camp host.

#399 grizzly and cubs
Hobotech Tom arriving

Ben Banks (Danger Visual) graphic designer. Awesome artwork.

Really cool people.

Happy trails

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