Feb. 6 – Saturday

Went Geocaching with Eugene this morning. What a trip! We walked to some desert artwork nearby.


Found some geocaches out in the desert. People hide treasures and you go on an app and find them, sign the log book that you found it and replace it back for the next person.  Eugene was a good guide.

Eugene the geocacher

We went out to the memorial site of a lady named Elizabeth M. Mullen. Gravestone read that she is resting in peace in the desert she loved. Probably her ashes. RIP Ms Mullen. Born 1918 and died 1996.

Then RVerTV Russ showed up and I finally got to meet him in person! He is such a nice guy. Took me for a ride in the Dusty Nugget which is his side-by-side ATV.

I got to show him the graveside now that I’m learning my way around this vast desert.

Stan of Sasnak of YouTube fame did a live stream and I said a few words.

I’m on this video at 13:27 time stamp.
Watch “Sasnak live at Q-ville” on YouTube

It was a good day. Learning new stuff everyday. Like Mom said “learn something new every day.”

Happy trails.

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