Feb. 8 – Monday

Beautiful sunset in Eherenburg AZ

Skoolie Palooza is a gathering of nomads and families that one school their kids and work from the road. Lots of carpenters, electricians and life coaches and herbalist.

They all pay taxes but there is a group that are gypsies who hang out with them on the outskirts. They basically sit around and smoke weed. They are the ones with braids in their hair and fly signs in front of McDonald’s and exit ramps.

Our tribe stayed on the “good and quiet” section of the Mesa.

I don’t know how these buses don’t fall off the side of this giant Mesa. It drops straight down. Pictures don’t do it justice but I tried to show how steep it was.

Eherenburg Mesa

Lots of crazy vehicles

Cool truck camper on trailer frame

That was one like the Alaskan that Donnie and Rachel have.

Happy trails.

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