Feb. 12 – TGIF

Myra. my  friend from Chandler, AZ came to camp with me.

The first camp was where we had camped before and the sunsets there are beautiful.

We set up camp and she had the area in front of me. She was leaving first on Monday so she would face the exit. You should always point your vehicle at the exit so you can make a quick getaway on the bad guys come for you.

Bad guy

Right after we got set up, this guy named David comes over and starts talking and being friendly. It was getting dark so we said goodnight.

We had coffee in the morning and Myra asked me if I saw David come by the window at dusk. I said yes and he waved to me. What was he doing coming around after we went inside and said Goodnight? We both said that creeped us out and we decided to move.

Best decision ever. We found a beautiful spot by the mountains with this view!

Great spot
And turned into this!

Next day, geocaching!!

Happy trails.

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