Feb. 20 – Saturday

Nomadland came out today in movie theaters and on Hulu. It was a fantastic movie. Very well done to capture the essence of the road and the people you meet out here. I strongly suggest you give it a look. Bob Wells is the guru of Nomads.

Coin hunt today at 1:00pm at the Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club. It was so much fun last time, I’m excited about finding more quarters.

Well I didn’t do so well at the coin hunt. Were a 100 people there and you were basically standing right next to somebody. We had earphones on and some had their’s up so high you could hear their beeps through your own earphones. I just went after all the beeps so I found nickels and lots of dimes. They had lower beeps. I did get several quarters for a total of $5.50. Enough for a beer.

I love my metal detector now that I’m used to it. Some hard core detectors are over $1000. Mine wasn’t nearly that much. I’m getting used to the beeps now.

It was very windy but I was glad I went.

Happy trails.

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