Match 10 – Weds.

Betty, one of my readers asked me “What kinds of things do you sew?” Since I’m on the road, I bring my sewing machine with me so here goes nothing.

Things I’ve sewed on the road since October.

Aprons, book covers, tent and gazebo repair, dog pillowcases, gift bags, flags, glasses cases, lots and lots of tote bags,  shoe bags and jewelry totes.

Shoe bag and cord bags.
Donnie and Rachel Air Force aprons
Repaired flag and blanket for nomads
Cut out letters on the Cricut
Dog pillowcases
Table runner
Book cover
Book cover
Glasses holder
Book cover
Quilt top
Cord bag

Hope that explains why I don’t have a good answer. Lol

Happy Trails.


  1. Great work! Love it all, including the Air Force aprons, books covers, table runner(!), quilt top, and Route 66 pillow! I really like your choice of fabrics, beautiful colors. Also, your set up in the clam looks so cozy. I could sit there all day and sew! Thanks for putting this together,and keep sewing. You are very talented! Love it!


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