April 2 – TGIF

Finally got the Amazon order from the Bouse Post Office. It was to be in Thursday and with it being Easter weekend, it was delayed.

So I left the campsite and drove to the PO.

Of course, when I got there UPS adjust walked in and I was so thrilled but then the girl says Oh no you can’t get it until I check in.

What?? When is that I ask. She said after lunch and she checks in all the UPS deliveries about 2 o’clock. Well crap, so now I have to wait around until 2 o’clock. So I didn’t want to drive back the 14 miles to my campsite, so I parked next to historical marker in Bouse by that Thomas Bouse house. Try saying that 3 times fast.

Hot in the van! 98°

It was only 98゚ so I tried out the awning and it worked OK to shade some of the tires. At 2 o’clock, I cranked it back in and headed back to the Post Office. Finally got my package.

Yippee! On the road to Chandler, AZ tonight I visit with Myra.

These bikers were weaving in at out of traffic (all from CA) going 75mph.

HP stopped them at the exit and gave them all a ticket

Happy trails.

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