April 11 – Sunday

Cousin Ron’s birthday! Happy birthday Ron. I remembered when you fell off the rabbit cage. So glad you survived!

Peggy from Indiana came and helped me pack, load, move, clean, rake, wash, unload the van and the hitch basket off. Man the girl is an animal!

I truly could not have moved without her. So many things needed moved by 2 people and were so heavy we walked in tandem to get it from one place to another. Thank God for Peggy! And all done in the rain!

Peggy takin a break

I’m exhausted and I know she should be too.

All moved in between rain showers!

This van made a great moving vehicle. We put two queensized mattresses in there along with tools and a lot of odd shaped items.

Thank God its over! Moving is hard on your body. I stood for 10 hours. My feet are killing me!

I’m so tired I don’t think I can move from this chair!

Happy trails.

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