April 15 – Thursday

So happy with the electrician! Got it all up and running!

Now playing the robin. This guy was pecking at my windows at 7am. So I Googled why do bird peck at windows. Well Mr. Google says that its territorial and wants to show the other birds this is his turf. Kind like a bird West Side Story turf war.

Well he pecked the crap out of all the windows so I asked Mr. Google how to stop a bird from pecking. He/she suggested that I hang something in the window to distract them.

So I got my swingy spiral hanger out and he hasn’t been back. The other side has crystals. I think I outsmarted him. I think I do have a bird brain!

Bird brain antics

Hope that helps.

Brrr. 40° here. This Arizona skin isn’t used to this cold snap.

Happy trails.


  1. Oh my, if there was a bird pecking at the window I would be in trouble. In 7th grade I watched the movie “The Birds” at a slumber party, and I was traumatized. For months afterward I was sure I heard birds pecking at my bedroom window.


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