April 20 – Tuesday

Happy Pot Day. Out West pot-smokers live for April 20. There was a Resolution 420 making use of Medical and Recreational Marijuana legal in California. So when it passed, they celebrate! 4.20 is a big deal.

Wish the rest of the country would consider this herb for medical use. It would ease a lot of pain for cancer patients. I tried to talk my sister into it before she died but she wouldn’t even consider CDB oil, which has no THC in it at all. Just the oil that soothes the nerves.

I swear by it for the pain in my knee.

A few drops under the tongue at bedtime and my knee doesn’t ache. Especially helpful after carrying boxes up and down stairs to the loft.

That’s where the sewing room is. Right now it is a mess! That is a story for another day.

Happy trails.

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