May 1 – Already Saturday!

Where did April go? I swear time flies when you are doing nothin!! Ha

I met with Don and Connie and their two darling dogs. They are such a cute couple. In their 40’s and they are hard workers. So happy for them!

I am really enjoying my new place now that I can concentrate on putting it together. Bought a blow up bed so guests gave a place to sleep in the loft.

Lots of stuff to give to Goodwill! They never disappoint!! I went in there today to get a silverware sorter and they had 4 of them! Got one for new people because I left the silverware in the plastic bag in the drawer.

Mr Heron came to check things out.

Little by little, the boats are filling the docks.

The beach is back! It comes and goes..

Haven’t been outside much because of the rain. But that’s okay. Have a lot of sorting to do.

Happy trails.

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