May 3 – Monday

Still raining at the lake. So it was a good inside day.

Did lots of shuffling of boxes and bins.

Since I have been sewing my entire life, (a very long time), I have bins on bins of fabric, trims, stuffing, batting and notions. Lots of duplicate items because when you get to the fabric store, you buy the latest and greatest only to find out when you get back to the sewing room, you already have it!

So the goal this week is to make more room to move in there since the ceiling is only 5’8″ from the floor so I can only stand up in the loft at the peak! When I’m sewing I’m sitting, so its not a problem.

Cutting however is a strain because you have to be sitting and using a rotary cutter you need to be standing so I left the cutting board downstairs where I have room to spread out.

Works in progress

Got my work cut out for me…pun intended.

Happy trails.


  1. Wow you have a well equipped sewing and craft room. I also have to sort through tons of notions and tools and all the things you are talking about, between my own, and my mom’s that were in her house when she passed on. When I was in about 6th or 7th grade my mom and grandma bought the entire inventory of a sewing store that went out of business. My grandpa was a lawyer working on the case. I am sure they got a good deal. Anyway, so we had the thread display cases in our basement…every color, just like when you went to the fabric store. And drawers full of zippers and other accessories. I still have some of the thread, but my parents must have gotten rid of the cases when they moved. And there is still a drawer of zippers.


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