May 6 – Thursday

Well it rained all day and night. So glad there was a break in the weather yesterday to mow. 

The caretaker here cones and empties your black tank every Mon. Weds and Friday. Since it rained on Wednesday, he came today.

Last time he did it was Oct. Because it us a seasonal park from April 15 to Oct. 15. So this fall, I’ll be heading out earlier. So I hope the weather cooperates for travel at that time of year.

Pretty easy process. He hooks up the hose from his mobile “honeydipper” to my outlet valve and it empties into his huge tank. Easy Peasy. Costs $10.

Well I was so excited I was making progress with the Cricut machine, I decided to hit the Dollar Tree. Man, that place is a gold mine for teachers, crafters, moms who craft a home or have preschoolers and/or scouting clubs. Lots of supplies for $1.00!

Cricut Joy in the background.

Now that the sun is out, gonna hit the loft clean out project again. It’s a big one!

Happy trails.


  1. Just thought I would mention that I got your posts from May 3, 4, 5 and 6 all today. Not sure if that was your intention. No biggie. I really enjoy your posts. Have a great day, good luck with the organizing.

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