May 28 – Friday’s Gale

I woke up to a knock at the door and I was sure it was because he wanted me to move the van again!!

Except when I looked out, I said Holy Crap!! The water was up to my second step and I was being evacuated! It was 10:00am and Prius tires were under water.

I had ran an errand and parked in front of the house for the night, so I thought.

Prius sitting in water.
Water creeping up.
Road getting swallowed up.

There is a road here somewhere. See my Prius fender?

Got out and headed to the end of the road where it was higher ground.

True dat!

Happy trails.


  1. Wow that is crazy. How often do you get high water like that? Last summer we had a very dry spring, then over 20″ of rain in the summer. This coming weekend the weather forecast says the high is 98 degrees. WHAT? We do get hot weather in the summer here, but not that hot at the beginning of June.


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