June 6 – Sunday

Wake up to no power! Looks like it went out at 5:30am so I called Ohio Edison and reported the outage.

Well, they were slammed with calls between the recent floods and the new digital meters. I had to talk to a robot that was very understanding.

Said they would call me back to report when it would be restored and would I need a wake up call. No thank you. I’m already awake!!

So power was out for exactly 3 hours and when it came back on at 8:30am, I had already walked to the van to get the Jackery Power Station to make the coffee in the Kuerig.

1000 watts of power

So after my coffee was made, all was right with the world! Sorta, I still didn’t get the update downloaded and installed.

So I tried it again and it took all day and all night to install but Tipton the robot voice for Windows 10 Assistant said it would take a long time but it was installing. Hallelujah!

Happy trails.

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