June 24 – Thursday

I bit the bullet and got a new phone. Mine was all cracked, the microphone would go in and out and with the cracks on the screen, it was hard to use the touch screen.

We will see how I like this new one. I love the Samsung Note. I use the pen all the time. It acts as a remote shutter, stylus and pen. My current phone is a Galaxy Note 9.

The new one is a Galaxy Note 20. There are so many models. The Ultra 21 us about $1600. No thanks.

5G is overrated. There are only a few towers with those antennas and the government has been using it for years. One Nomad I met in Lake Havasu was an ex Chinook helicopter pilot. He told me that they used to put hotdogs on the antenna and they would fry them in 5 secs. He said these antennas get so hot that he thinks they will explode in your pockets. Hope not!

Out in the desert, I will be lucky to get a 3G signal. I just needed a faster processor. The wifi here won’t even handle the upload of this blog.

Thats where Nomad Internet comes into play. I’m hoping this traveling router they are sending me can help with upload and download speeds.

They both come in Saturday so hopefully I have it all set up by next week.

I made this frame with my Cricut machine. Loving this thing! Vinyl lettering.

Happy trails.

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