July 1 – Thursday

I can’t believe June is over and we have gone through half of the year already. Time really does fly when emerging from a pandemic.

I think it is finally settling in that the world has changed and the way we live our lives has also changed.

Hopefully, people will start respecting each other and our great country again. Politics aside, we do live in the most free country in the world.

This was a shot that my photographer friend Gary Metz took while camping about 100 miles from Winslow AZ near St. John’s AZ.

Ash cloud sunset from fires in AZ

Let’s make “America the Beautiful” beautiful again. Leave no trace.

Happy trails


  1. Hi Jan.

    The sunset pic was actually taken just five miles from Winslow AZ. At Homolovi State Park. You’re no doubt right that Arizona’s wildfires are helping create more spectacular sunsets. It’s a big price for a pretty picture though.


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