July 5 – Monday

Another Misfits Market delivery. I am eating better and cleaner than ever before. I hope my veins appreciate it. A little more prep time but worth it.

My daughter brought over a ton of radishes. What the heck am I supposed to do with those??

So I looked in the air fryer book and it had radish chips.  I’m gonna try those in the InstaPot Duo. Love that air fryer.


Pretty tasty.

Happy trails.


  1. Oh I love my air fryer. No oil just PAM spray. Dehydrate, fries, makes everything crunchy! Potatoes w seasoning, sweet potatoes, chicken nuggets, kale chips. 6 minute fish sticks. I have the InstaPot Air Fryer lid and you can make Mac and cheese and crispy top. Great spaghetti too


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