July 28 – Wednesday

Got the bike put together and rode it yesterday. I love it!! So easy to ride. I was balancing for an hour before I felt I could get back in the saddle. Ha

All put together!

It was 91° so I went out early.

It’s 87° today so gonna stay in the AC and sew. I made a sewing room in the loft for 6 months. I can’t take all this fabric that I did last winter! I’ll take smaller crafts! Lol

I put a cover on the bike so it won’t get dirty …I’ll save that for the desert.

Now to buy a bike rack!!

Happy trails.


    1. Hi Betty. It was a Nesta by Espin says 20 min but took 6 hrs because I was cleaning up the packaging and looking for lost bolts@ but it was 95% put together. I put on front tire, fenders, racks and light. So not bad. Has front shocks so that is why I got that model. And meant for short people 5’3-6’4″. I’m 5’4″ so it’s good.

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