July 30 – TGIF

Didn’t take the bike out so decided to work on the screen door.

The guy who I bought this from took the screen off and never replaced it so I improvised with the magnetic ones.

This puppy is custom made and works great. Not centered but only seam I could sew was outside one.

Speaking of puppies, the back door was retrofitted with a dog door and of course, he threw out the original piece that he replaced.  So I had to Jerry-rig that screen as well.

Old dog door
Framed screen window. Cord for WeBoost antenna. Not pretty but it works.

Happy trails.


  1. Wow good job on the screen! Looks great. We have had some orange sunsets due to the Canadian Wildfire smoke. Last Thursday there was so much smoke would could barely see across our lake, and it actually smelled like a bonfire outside. Not good.


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