Aug. 13-14 – TGIF & Sat.

Started out as any normal day, but turned into a real Friday the 13th!

I was on the computer in a low chair and got up and my knee gave out. It just went dead and I grabbed the chair so I wouldn’t fall. Weirdest feeling like it fell asleep.

I couldn’t put any weight on it and suffered through it all day all day and all night. My fitbit said I got 2 hours of sleep that night. So I went to the ER in Port Clinton on Saturday morning.

They said it was a Sprained MCL ligament and all they can do is RICE

Rest, ice, compression and elevation. She suggested a cortisone shot But I wanted to wait until the next visit to see if it gets any better. Only other option has a total knee because it has so many bone spurs on it that that it’s rubbing and there’s a ton of inflammation and that’s what made the knee cap slip off. Ouch!

Next appointment is the 31st and I will definitely get the shot because it’s still killing me.

It’s hell getting old.

Happy trails.


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