Sept. 30 – Thurs.

Well I had a problem with my wifi Extender and chatted with the people on Netgear. They said a tech would call back on 10 min.

He did and he was from India. Doesn’t anyone work in USA in technology anymore?

Well… he called back and asked to work on my computer remotely. That is always scary. Well after telling me network was too slow, (which I already knew!) He said have a nice day.

Well next morning I get a charge on my PayPal account for merchandise at Home Depot Inc. for $699.99!!!

Well here we go again! I had to the call bank, call PayPal, check my accounts, call Home Depot who told me the “invoice” I received was bogus. I told them they stole their logo. Happens all the time!

I reported to on their fraud online form. Hope the catch the creeps!

I have McAfee Security which was scanning and still had to change all my passwords. What a pain.

No time to sew. Need a drink.

Happy trails.


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