Oct. 12 – Tuesday

Went to Goodwill with a load of things that didn’t sell. Better than storing them.

Now I can start packing for the West! It is hard to do when you sort know what the weather us going to be like. Last year I never wore a sleeveless top! It was cold and always windy!

I have packed and unpacked my bags 6 times!! Got the packing cubes to stack them better in the van. We’ll see how it goes.

Happy trails.


  1. You place looks so nice. We just bought a 2018 30 ft long 5th wheel RV, and a truck. Still getting the truck fitted with the hitch thing to tow the RV, so the RV is still at the dealer. Next week we will be ready to go pick up the RV. Very intimidating. We will use it for Snowbirding in AZ in February and March. I was hoping we would be able to do a practice “camping” trip but now it is too late in the season. We will have to practice in the driveway.


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