Oct 19 – Tuesday

Well it eventually happened again. When you by something from a Facebook ad, you always get frauded. I was perusing on FB and an add popped up for how to get rid of flabby arms. So of course. I had to check it out. So they are going to send you a “Free” NEWSLETTER with the exercises. So either I was half asleep or the grabbed my cc info from the phone and I was charged $19.99 today.

Last month it was a Home Depot fraud purchase which bank had denied.

So I put off getting a new card as long as I could, but I’m sick if these $.01 and $1.00 charges. Then if you miss the notice from the bank, they go ahead and charge anything they want for whatever amount they want. And of course, it is always out of Los Angeles!! Argh

So I had to get a new card number which will take me months to notify everyone who I deal with about the new card! What a pain! But worth it to stop the scammed.

What has this world come too?? No one wants to work for their income any more. They would rather steal yours!

No more online shopping for me! We’ll see how long that lasts. At least in the desert, sometime I don’t get a cell signal and I can sew and color!

Happy trails.


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