Nov. 21 – Sunday

Still in FL.  Took a 4 mile hike and got half way there and turned around because it was 81° and 100% humidity. We were dying!

There was a box at the entrance that you pushed a button and a ranger told you a story about the area and controlled burning. It was pretty cool.

I was crafting in the Glam Clam and something was crawling on my toes. 8 had my saddles on but man it bit me and it felt like fire. I think they were fire ants. My toes swelled up so bad that I had to slather then with IvaRest poison ivy cream. It really helped.

Talking ranger box
Bench break

Came back and tended to my toes. Ate dinner and had a campfire.

Met two little girls camping next door. Loralai and Ruby, identical twins in second grade. So cute! They had a big sister that made this awesome shelter out of pine needles and leaves.

Happy trails.

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