Dec. 5 – Sunday

Headed to New Mexico! Finally seems like forever ago when I left on Oct. 22!

Marlene headed to Pecos, Carlsbad and Roswell NM. I went west and am heading to Indian Bread Rocks in Bowie AZ. Yes that Jim Bowie of Bowie knife fame.

Saw lots of accidents involving semi trucks. This one was exceptionally bad. Looks like the semi rear-ended the semi in front if him, then the ones behind him had to stop fast.

The white pickup truck went right I. Front of where I was trying to shoot! The entire cab was done from that middle truck.

Zoom in.

Saw a Fed Ex truck completely burned.

Then about 20 miles from that I saw a huge semi trailer completely burned with the entire middle exposed with all the cargo burned. Somebody is not going to get there Christmas presents on time! Be patient with these hard working truck drivers! They are keeping America rolling.

Miles of backups

Found my favorite rest stop on I-10. Past Butterfield called Gage NM. Almost to AZ border.

Free rest area to spend the night.

Speaking of border, passed thru my first border crossing of this year. Had canine dogs sniffing all around your vehicle. Was afraid I was going to hit him.

Tons of cameras fixed on all points of your vehicle. I think some were thermal cameras. They are serious about this drug war and immigration problem.

Saw border guards driving in the desert looking for illegals.

Glad the trains are running. I missed them. But then two came by! Glad to see and hear them.

Heading to CA

Hope China let’s hold of our supply chain and America can get moving again. Hardly any trucks on the road this year. Way less trains too!

Happy trails and God Bless America!

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