Jan 5 – Weds.

Left Myra’s and headed down I-10 to Quartzsite AZ. I am apparently not the only one. Saw tons of RVs all shapes and sizes on the road.

I stopped off in Buckeye Arizona Arizona to see if I could get cell signal for General Hospital at a rest area.

Of course, I could not so I moved on.

Had to stop and get gas and the vehicle in front if me was a handicap van. Poor guy came off his ramp in the wheelchair and rolled over to the pump. He really struggled with the gas cap as his hands were kind of knarled.

I got my gas and asked him if he needed any help with the gas cap. He said no he already got it off but he could not reach the card slot from his chair. So I said I’ll put it in. So it asked for his PIN and I punched it in, chose the grade of gas and put the handle in the tank.

I told him, you can take this from here! He laughed and thanked me profusely.

I thought how difficult it is to be disabled and to have to do things that we take for granted. I felt blessed to have helped him. We should all be so understanding and thankful we have use of our limbs.

My camp at Plomosa Rd in Q. Just got here so I’ll glamp it up tomorrow.

Be safe out there and enjoy the journey.

Happy trails

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