Jan. 16- Sunday

Was walking from my camper over to Myra’s camper to drop off a curtain I made her for her camper, when I see this guy I know walking right by my camp.

Luis the Rolling Earthship

I follow him on YouTube and he never fails to crack me up. He has a camera on his shirt. I hope I didn’t break it. Was having a bad hair day!!

He was just taking a walk thru the camps.

Then right after he came, Jeff from the Escapees event came riding his bike over. We just spent a week in Tucson at the event. He has a van like mine and he put in his own Lithium batteries on it.

It was a $7000 option when I bought my van. He saved a ton of money doing it himself.

Jeff from Escapees

They will be having g pizza night soon at their camp. May go over there. Ha

Happy trails.

1 Comment

  1. I find that almost every day is a bad hair day in the winter. It is really dry here in Minnesota with the super cold weather we have having. And when we get to AZ soon it will be dry there too.


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