March 11 – TGIF

Moderated all day for the Sasnak YouTube channel. He has 120k subscribers now and he is a very likeable truck driver and cowboy from Dallas Texas.

He has been live streaming videos ever since joining the convoy THEPEOPLESCONVOY.ORG.

They drive one lap around the beltway 64 miles snd he talks, narrates, listens to CB and shows 10,000 people viewing the sights. It is enjoyable.

The Convoy is currently in Hagerstown MD and have a full camp complete with kitchen, restrooms, medical truck, doctors. Nurses and an entire oarking crew. A COMAND center has been set up in big busses to drive organizers into DC proper to meet with Senators.

So far they have met with 2 Senators and one from Alaska but he refused to have media coverage so Brian Brase the organizer cancelled the meeting. They are all about free speech in this country and letting the American people see what is going on in that bubble of politicians. They are making progress.

WYSUWYG.TV YouTube channel gas a lot of videos and so does

Something to do in the desert!

Happy trails.

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