April 5 – Tuesday

Well what a difference a day makes. Day went from watching hot air balloons to a 30mph gust dust storms called haboos.

Well there was no wind, I put out the electric awning becausevit was 87° at noon and 2 minutes (no joke) a wind storm kick up, blew 2 huge tree branches right out of the firepit and raised them 10 feet in the air. I jumped up and opened the screen to see the awning had flipped over the top over the van and broke both spring arms.

All in a matter of seconds! I had to get the arms off the side of the van which left a scratch on the top side of the van.

I was more worried about how I was going to get this thing rolled up with bent arms and broken hinges. Parts were falling in my hand. So much for the wind sensor! It didn’t even have a chance to kick in.

Guy helping me take it apart to roll it up without the cover
Bent railing on track after arms removed

Thank you Richard and fellow campers who helped me get but rolled up and off the side of the van.

Now to an RV Ford dealer for Auto and RV repair in Cottonwood AZ to take the housing off. I had to store the 12′ awning in my van along with the arms right down the center asile.

COVER AND ARMS. I know it’s mess, but it worked!

Got it taken off, and left the track bracket for new awning 4-6 months waiting.

So much for happy trails in AZ!!

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  1. Oh No! We are back in MN now, but we would have sudden gusts of high wind sometimes in Gold Canyon, AZ. It was not allowed there to have free standing pop up canopies because of them flying all over in a sudden wind. It is a bummer to have to get your awning repaired.


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