April 14 – Thursday

Went to Will Rogers Museum and Birthplace in Oologah OK. He started out being a rodeo star either his roping abilities and then became a huge Hollywood star in the Zeigfield Follies and on screen. Made a ton of movies. He was a great speaker and adventure seeker. Died in a plane crash with his good buddy in Alaska. So sad

What a magical place. The building was also a Harvest Host where you can stay overnight and they were very gracious! Only 5.00 admission and we’ll worth it for the interactive exhibits.


That birthplace was submerged when they built the dam and it was recovered and moved piece by piece to its present setting on a hill. Horses, goats, pigs, chickens. Beautiful grounds and 12 campsites for $25 a night w electric, water and sewer. Can’t beat the price and the view!

Will stay in the area for a few days while the weather is perfect.

Happy trails.

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