May 12 – Thursday

In Galion, Ohio at dealer getting oil changed in van and oil changed in generator which hangs under the van! Only way to get to it is drive it in a pit oil station.

A couple of other things need to be fixed. We’ll see if they do it this time. Been back twice for USB ports not working. Well see if 3rd time is a charm.

Lots of beautiful Leisurecraft Unitys in showroom.

Glad I got the Coachmen Beyond 22c with the bench. Some of these are beautiful but dark inside. Not a good use of space but did like the one with the front table and living room.

Watching local Columbus News and weather for the first time. All fake news.

I just look out the window for weather and talk to neighbors for news. READ and don’t believe anything that goofy Dr. Fauchi says. I’m not aTrumpster but I don’t want some guy with a NY accent to tell me what I need. I have a brain and do my own research. He is in the back pocket of the drug companies. Go Natural. Wear a mask to protect yourself!

85° degrees today. Last year, it was 31°

Happy trails.

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