May 21 – Saturday

Another windy day at the lake! Severe thunderstorms reported with a Tornado in Michigan. So we are always prepared. Last year on Memorual Day weekend we gad a gale. It flooded the Marina and deposited a lot of items that floated away and ended up in people’s back yards along with bushels of hay and mulch.

Today, just birds drying their wings.

Was very windy earlier and got very dark at 7pm.

Thunderstorms rolling in.

In between raindrops, my neighbor offered to take my mower into his shop shop to have a guy look at it. I got it started but it just didn’t want to stay started! Thank you Terry! He offered his mower in the meantime. Great neighbors.

So I cut the grass and got that outdoor project done before the rains came. 1.5″ rained hard but no hail!!

Made for a great sunset!

Happy trails!

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