May 23 – Monday

On Sunday night, I walked down to where the van is stored in the field with the boat trailers.

I decided to start the generator because I hadn’t started it since the oil was changed in it in Galion Ohio at the dealership. So I started the engine went inside and started smelling burning oil.

So I went outside and the entire side of the van was full of white smoke.

I ran inside and shut the generator off and immediately emailed the service department with pictures to show what was going on with the generator under the van.

“Smoke on the water” at the lake

I got an email from service that said bring it on in. So I drove to Galion OH 70 miles away, one way, and asked them to take a look as to why nut was smoking so bad.

About an 1.5 hrs. later, I went back to the service area and saw he was holding my key. He said we found the problem. He put too much oil in the generator! He said he read the chart wrong and it was clearly his fault. No duh! So he handed me the key and I was on my way home.

I pulled off into a parking area on the dealership lot and fired up the generator. No smoke Hallelujah! Then I started the microwave to use the generator “under load”. That is when an appliance is using the generator for its power. It ran great. So I’d have to say all is good!

Happy trails.

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