June 29 – Weds.

I tried changing the light bulb in my travel sewing machine and since the machine was from 1992, it had this weird light bulb that was not a screw in kind. It has been skipping stitches anyways so I think I’m going to retire it. I had gotten it with my good friend, Barb at a school used-machine sale from their home-ec classrooms. I think we had to drive to Pickerington about 30 minutes away.

It was an abused machine. It had sewn, tents, all kinds of zippers, boat canvas, doll dresses, totebags, basket liners.

I think one of the little filaments broke. I must have packed it up while it was hot.

Dead soldier
My glamping sewing machine

It also weighted 25 lbs. So getting one that is 12 lbs will help a lot! It will be my road machine.

Happy trails.

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