Aug. 3 – Weds.

Got a call around 8:00pm. It was my friend from highschool, Mickey. She and her hubby Steve have a sailboat in Huron. She had to babysit in Akron so he decided to take the boat out to Kelly’s Island. Well it was 91° and even though you are on the lake, it still feels like a blast furnace. He made it to Kelly’s and got sick and felt dizzy.

He asked the guy at the marina for some help and he was in bad shape. So the paramedics took him off the island, had to leave the sailboat, and took him to the hospital in Port Clinton. He had their big dog, Mica, a Gordon Setter, with him.

They called Mickey and told her that they were going to transport to Toledo hospital and could not take the dog.

So Mickey asked me to come and get Mica from the ER while she drove from Akron. The cops were going to call the dog shelter and take her! So I told Mickey I’d get her from the ER.

There were 3 cops outside the ER with Mica. They asked if I could handle her because she was so strong. I said sure.

It looked like SWAT operation going down with 3 of them and all the cop cars all lit up.

Must have been a slow news day in Port Clinton! Ha

So Mica hopped right in the back of the Prius and we drove back to my place.

I was in the middle of making a hamburger so I finished cooking that and of course Mica wanted a taste.

I had no dog food so I took her out to pee and a golf cart drove by with a big dog and I asked if they had a cup of dog food I could borrow. They did and she said they would bring it right down.

She lapped up the water so hardcore that she ignored the food. I had a fresh slices of salami here so she scarfed that up with the unfamiliar food in the bowl.

Thank you Michelle and Brianna for bringing the food down!

Waiting for Momma

Mickey got here about 10:30pm and we had a beer together and caught up on the status of Steve. They did transport him to Toledo and expected to do a catharazation Thursday sometime.

Good luck to Steve. Happy to help.

Happy trails.

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