Aug. 11 – Thursday

WOW August is flying by. I feel like I have to rush to pack the van. It is just a little more than a month and I am on the road for 7 months.

I’m headed to South Dakota and parts unknown in Sept. – May. So many loose ends to tie up before I leave.

I need new glasses. These are so scratched up they are blurry and not sure I can wait for Mexico. So Walmart it is!

Have to call guy about winterizing the park model. I always did my old trailers myself but he does it in about 30 minutes so gonna call and make an appointment for Sept 15th. That way I can take the Prius in to get it storage the next day. Have to stop the mail and get it forwarded to Florida mail service. So much planning.

Not to mention getting things printed and such for taxes. YES nomads pay taxes!!

Was going to take my printer this year but I always found other nomads with printers so gonna leave it home. Then I get hounded by HP connect to send in monthly reports via wifi to let them know how much ink I used on my printer. They send it free. I was really sick of paying $60 per cartridge at Office Max.

Well off to make phone calls! Stay safe.

Happy trails.

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