Aug. 19 – TGIF

This would have been my 44th wedding anniversary. It was a hot muggy day in an  air-conditioned church. Reception was in the basement of the church. Yes. Also not air-conditioned. I surprised the cake didn’t melt.

I was married 15 years and stuck it out as long as I could. Sometimes you just grow apart.  I raised my 2 kids and it worked out ok. They have a good relationship with their Dad.

Well enough about that! I tinted the windows tonight in the park model. That sun beats in those windows in the back bedroom that it gets hot! The temp really came down once the tinting went on!

It looks blue but it is clear. Mirror on the outside so you can see out but you can’t see in.  It went on pretty good but I  dropped the squeegee in between the bed and the wall! Argh! I had to move the mattress since the bed is a built in! I was not a happy camper! But I got it moved and stuck my hand in the 2″ space between the wall and the frame.I got it out and finished the job!

Staying cool in here now.

Happy trails.

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  1. I also had my wedding reception in the church basement. Chicken salad lunch made by the church basement ladies haha. And I made my dress. Pretty low budget compared to weddings these days. I don’t even know what my son and his wife’s wedding cost but way more. They paid for it.


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