Aug. 22 – Jeannine’s birthday

Jeannine Kemple is one of our DEAREST CLUB members. The other one is Barbara Thornton.

We started this “club” 20+ years ago when we all worked with each other at a church. We all had the same gripes in common so I thought we needed a club.

So the DEAREST was born. We have kept in touch with each other over the years and we make a big deal of birthdays! No matter where we are in the country! I’m on the road, Jeannine is in Maine and Barb (Louise to my Thelma) is in Worthington OH.

We used to go out to lunch/ dinner every month and when we all moved away, we FaceTime or video call each other for our own version of a DEAREST Zoom meeting but with laughs!

Our birthday for Jeannine will be at 1pm today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ruby! (Jeannine’s DEAREST name)

Happy trails.


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