Aug. 27 – Sat.

Daughter, Molly came up from SC today. We are planning on attending the Lakeside Annual Garage sale. They have antiques, furniture for patio and lake cottages, arts and crafts and plants. All the little shops are open and it’s fun to walk around.

You pay $8.00 per car to park because it’s a gated community. Only opens twice a year and when they have special concerts.

I got really cool stripped chairs two years ago for $2!

We saw lots of cool items but we both are downsizing and so we only bought really cool stuff! Ha

Molly in the big chair
Lake shoppers.

They had a food truck at the Campground today so we walked down and got great pulled pork and Mac and cheese. It was really good!

We watched some Golden Girls on Hulu. A series we had both never seen called The Golden Palace from 1992. It had Betty White and Cheech Marin from Cheech & Chong. It was hysterical!

Happy trails.

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