Sept. 15 – Thursday

Winterizing the trailer. No water in pipes, Nothing down drains. Have to put tape on sinks so I don’t forget!

Well the guy never showed up. When I called, he was out to lunch! So he calls me back at 2:30 and said clerk said I had a question. I said yeah, where are you??

I am leaving for SD on Sat and have to get it done today! He said oh we can’t do it today but I do have a guy over there right now he should be there in 5 minutes I said ok.

So I go outside and open up the hot water cover to help him get started. He says. I don’t have any equipment to do the winterizing! Argh! He will have to cone back Friday to do it. Argh!

So I’ll wait. Wish me luck!

Happy trails.

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