Oct. 7 – Day 21 – Friday

Left Devil’s Tower and headed south to Wright WY. Well Harvest Host was closed in September so no stay there!

Had to put Plan B into action. I looked up another Harvest Host and got in same day. It’s a brewery in Casper WY.

Stahoo is Polish for Stanley, his grandfather.

Great IPAs

Now to look for another place tomorrow. There was a brewery down the street but I’ll find sonething.

I had a booked a park 37 miles away but next hose was back this way so I’d have to backtrack 60 miles. So I cancelled that one in Rolling Hills WY. And found an Alpaca and lalma farm near Casper. Gonna stay there. No openings Sat. so have to be Sunday to Monday.

That is the one downside to traveling by the seat of your pants…you never know what you are going to get!

Happy trails.

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