Oct. 12 – Day 26 – Weds.

I’m so excited to have electric that I decided to make my corn bread in the air fryer. Pretty good for 8 minutes. Next blueberry biscuits.


Forgot to take pics of the finished biscuits. They were yummy.

High winds today so stayed insude abd made porkchops and rice. Having an electric site is good for cooking in rhe Instapot.

Happy trails.


  1. I am confused about air fryers. My cousin has one on their boat and raved about it. They made battered zucchini in the air fryer, but to me it seemed like you would get the same results in the regular over, it was not really “fried”. It seemed like their air fryer was just a glorified toaster over with convection. So maybe it works well in your van because it uses electricity and is a good size?


    1. No airfryers work with hot air. No use for oils. Uses less energy and you can do ribs in 25 min that fall off the bone instead of 2 hrs in a hot oven. Ruce and pasta in 6 minutes. I love mine. Only uses 600 watts and uses ut for under 6 min. I make all my biscuit and cinn rolls in it too. Get one! A new way of cooking!


      1. Ok that is helpful info! I will think about it! The air friend zucchini did not taste “fried” they just tasted baked to me. The use of less power and shorter cooking time sounds good.


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