Oct. 16 – Day 30 – Sunday

46 years ago today i left on my Amtrak train trip across the United States. From Ohio to Montana,Washington, Oregon, CA, AZ, NM on and on. 16 states and 6400 miles in 9 days. Was a crazy trip. Enjoyed every second of it.

I got to see the Grand Canyon and I stood on the corner in Winslow, AZ. I did it all for $176.00 for a 14 day ticket.

Was a kinder and gentler America back then.

Today, I’m just trying to pay for gas! It’s about $100 a day just to get from one place to another. Gas is anywhere from $3.39 to $4.99 a gallon.

$10 a night…best deal!

In Clinton MO. Happy trails.

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